Chaffinch feeding time

Chaffinch feeding time – taken this morning from my office window.

The chaffinches are the most numerous birds to come down to the feeder and quite often have mini wars when trying to get to the seed.


Couple of facts to be getting on with; courtesy of wikipedia

In Belgium, the ancient traditional sport of vinkenzetting pits male chaffinches against one another in a contest for the most bird calls in an hour.

Popular belief holds that the chaffinch’s song foretells rain, leading to the name wetbird. Obviously this holds true a lot of the time in the UK…….

The eggs of the Chaffinch are about 20 mm by 15 mm in size, and are smooth, glossy, and light blue with purple-brown blotches. The duties of incubating the eggs are performed by the female. The newly-hatched young are fed by both adults.

Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

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