Cornish view


The Minion rock pile near the village of Minions in the south of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall



Minions is the highest village in Cornwall, high up on Bodmin moor in South East Cornwall, not far from Liskeard. Most of the village is over 300m above sea level. The name derives from Minions Mound a barrow to the west of the village. The village has a pub, a restaurant and cafés in addition to the combined post office and shop.

The settlement was totally created for industry on a virgin moorland site – this is relatively rare in Cornwall. Minions is not a typically single-industry settlement, as are many others in the county, but is based on the three major activities of mining, quarrying and railways. It was almost entirely constructed in the few years between1863 and 1880. This was rather later in the 19th century than other Cornish industrial centres.

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