The pull of Africa was felt once again, originally we had planned a trip to Kenya but unfortunately severe unrest in the northeast meant a change of plans and so instead of Kenya we went to Tanzania. I am so glad we did so, the familiar feel of South East Africa, the senses still overwhelmed by sights, sounds and wonderful smell of the bush, but there were some differences. Our trip took in Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara and the remarkable Ngorongoro Crater. All place worthy of a visit in their own right, but Tsetse flies aside, Tarangire was the place I enjoyed the most. It is a massive park, and we went far to the south of the park to a wonderful bush camp and for several of the days we did not see many other vehicles. From the amazing Baobabs to Lions lounging in trees there was plenty of amazing sites to keep us on the jeep every possible moment of each day.