Hungary – Hortobagy National Park

A trip with Tatra Photography tours to photograph the White Tailed Eagles in the Hortobagy National Park.

All photographs were taken from the various hides, one of which has since inspired me to make my own drinking pool hide (more on that on another page….) A bit of a whirlwind trip but absolutely worth it to see the Eagles and the highlight of the entire trip was a juvenile Sparrowhawk who decided to spend some quality time bathing and preening right in front of us. Fantastic……!

There are 2 galleries, the first has images from the Eagle hides, awful weather both days, day 1 the mist didn’t left at all, day 2 it lifted late in the afternoon. Didn’t stop me enjoying the site of so many Eagles and, also many other feathered visitors, some too far away too photograph, of note a Hen Harrier patrolling in the background and wonderful to watch. Day 3 was in the passerine drinking hide in the woodlands.  It was in this hide that we were treated to a long visit from the juvenile Sparrowhawk as well as the female.

Eagle Hides


Passerine Drinking Hide