It’s all about them

one of my biggest blocks to blogging has been the thought of writing about me, to be blunt, just how interesting is what i say and/or think to anyone out there. I’m not about to start commenting on world politics or the ills of society, massive oil spills distress me as much as the next person but those far more qualified than i are already reporting and commenting on world affairs.  i am sure that absolutely no-one cares what i had for breakfast (scrambled eggs), who my favourite group is (nfp), or what my plans are for friday night (dinner at home). nope, just not interesting enough.

So what is the point I ask myself. well, actually i asked my self recently on the train to London, an epiphanic moment later i had my answer….. and it’s a very simple answer, it’s not about me at all, it’s about what i see, the animals, moments in their lives, be it in my back garden or half way across the world, there is something unique in what i see, how i capture it and the story of the moment.

Our world is interesting, infinitely so, and what this blog is about is sharing these tiny slices of my view of our world.



 and this little blue tit is a case in point

 watching the pair of blue tits fly in and out of the nest box, food in, garbage out, has kept us entertained for many days, i’m hoping to be around when the babies finally fledge.

 a few facts courtesy of wikipedia

 “The bird is a close sitter, hissing and biting at an intruding finger. In the South West of England such behaviour has earned the Blue Tit the colloquial nick-name “Little Billy Biter”. When protecting its eggs it raises its crest, but this is a sign of excitement rather than anger, for it is also elevated during nuptial display

 I now know to keep my distance !


Blue Tit Entering Nest Box

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