Whenever we heard “Chui” over the guides radio in Kenya we knew there was excitement at hand. Sod’s law meant that we were nearly always on the other side of the river/park/area from the Leopard, but that didn’t deter us, nor happily our guides. In this case we were on the other side of the river, miles from the sighting but we set off in the hope that we’d find the cat. It was early in the morning, we hadn’t even had breakfast so crossed the river and made it to the area. Sadly no sign, and no other vehicles but our guide was certain so we sat under the trees, ate our breakfast and just enjoyed being out in the bush. Breakfast eaten and still no sign so we slowly circled the trees, and then as if by magic, she appeared. Of course she had been there all along, just well hidden, a young female, left in a safe place by her mother. A morning made all the better for seeing her and even better, we were on our own with her.

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Samburu National Park

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