Meet Ollie

Ollie is a Woolly Monkey and is now resident in the Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, which he shares with 36 other monkeys, including more of his Woolly Monkey brethren and troops of Capuchin Monkeys and Barbary Macaques.

WM_1The Sanctuary is located in a stunning location near Looe in beautiful Cornwall visit the Monkey Sanctuary website to find out more about what else there is to see and do as Ollie and his primate mates are not the only attraction. The Sanctuary is the flagship project of Wild Futures  and they are leaders in the field of primate welfare and conservation. The Sanctuary is s worthwhile place to visit to see all the monkeys and for the experience but also to support the fantastic work of the Wild Futures team.

A few facts….

Woolly Monkeys are classified as endangered, this because of an increase in the human population in their natural habitat and logging for farming space, and also because of the “bush meat” trade. Humans are the most common predator to a woolly monkey, hunting them for meat and fur but also to for the pet trade.

They get their name from their soft and thick, curled fur which ranges from brown to black to grey, depending on the species of woolly monkey. Woolly monkeys have relatively stocky bodies, with powerful shoulders and hips.

Omnivorous, they feed on both plants and other animal although fruit is their primary source of food along with nuts, seeds, leaves, nectar, insects, small rodents and reptiles.

For those who cant make it to Cornwall either visit the Sanctuarys or Wild Futures websites or Ill be visiting again soon and will post more pictures and give updates on events there.


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