Mockingbird Mob

Galpagos Mockingbird (Mimus parvulus)

This gang obviously had a few difference to sort out, the argument went on for a while but strength in numbers prevailed and the losers flew off leaving the victors to strut around the territory. These birds are incredibly curious and fearless, we saw Mockingbirds on most islands we landed on though never in these numbers.



Taken in DarwinBay, Genovesa Island, Galapagos

Wikifacts: …They are unique in that when the hatchlings are born, the juveniles help out with raising them. Another unique living style is that while living in communities, the oldest male holds responsibility for providing food for and taking care of the young ones. The fact of whether he is the parent does not matter, and he is usually referred to as the alpha male of the group.

The Galpagos Mockingbird had a greater influence than any other animal on Darwins theory of evolution when he arrived there because it was the first species that Darwin noticed distinct differences among when he looked from island to island.

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